Build a Dredger

Why build locally?

ECTMarine specializes in building worldwide in cooperation with shipyards and workshops. There are clear benefits to building close to the location where the dredger will be operating. The delivery time of a new build dredger will be reduced as the transport time form shipyard to dredge location is drastically reduced. The reduction of transportation needed for the entire dredger will also come with a cost benefit. Another aspect of cost reduction is found in import taxes, most countries in the world have high taxation on importing complete dredgers.

The design of several dredgers can also be focused on the application it will be used for, rather than having certain features that make it transportable for this one time from shipyard abroad to dredge location.

It is important to note that the above statements apply more firmly when taking about bigger dredgers instead of smaller dredgers.

Cutter suction dredgers are very suited to be build locally as the construction part is fairly simple,

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TSHD's are a type of dredger that needs more knowledge by the shipyard to build successfully, nevertheless with a yard package and support of ECTMarine it is possible.

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