Custom dredges

ECTMarine can design dredges to fit special requirements. Instances where customization is required are in case of tender where the specification is dictated in detail or if the dredging is done in environments/ circumstances that demand certain features.

Specific requirements

Specific requirements from the client can be incorporated in the design and build of the dredge.

Tender process

tendering for projects almost always requires some form of customization of the design. ECTMarine can customize to fit the tender requirements.

Other dredges

We can also provide:
• Trailer Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD)
• Water Injection (WID)
• Weed Harvesters
• Split Hopper Barge
• Plain Suction Dredge
• Backhoe Dredge

We also provide

Our standard designs are characterised by the Quick, Core and Prime line. Ranging from 250 to 650 mm discharge.

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Flexibility is one of our core values. All our dredgers can delivered Turnkey or as a Design and Equipment Package.

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