Dredge Components and Systems

ECTMarine designs and supplies dredge equipment customized to your requirements.  Dredge equipment is custom designed and fabricated to fit your dredger.

A selection of  our dredge components can be found hereunder.

Cutter heads

ECTMarine cutter heads will increase cutting performance of your dredge. ECTMarine cutter heads can be customized to fit any dredger.

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The ECTMarine Submersible dredge pump is special designed for smaller size dredging purposes as maintenance and environmental dredging, loading or unloading hopper barges

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ECTMarine TSHD components are recognized by its modular design and reliability. The dredge equipment can be customized to fit a new build TSHD or conversion project.

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Hydraulic system

Hydraulic systems are developed and engineered in house to fit easy in new or existing dredges.

The work boat can be used in a wide range applications such as dredging support, buoy and anchor handling, towing and pushing, transport of crew and spare parts.

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Dredge control & Monitoring system

ECTMarine dredge control and monitoring system is the ultimate tool to increase your production.