ECTMarine News

Published: 19-1-2019

Over the last few years ECTMarine has delivered several cutter heads to different contractors with different types cutter suction dredgers.

Recently one of the cutters supplied to a Dutch dredge contractor has been inspected after about 100.000 m3 of dredging sand, silt and clay, to see how it held up.

We as well as the client have been very pleased with the results.

The results are: significant wear only on the cutter teeth, minimal wear on cutter arm and adapter,  even wear on teeth, no problem area’s, crown and backing ring are in excellent condition.

ECTMarine cutter heads can be customized to fit any  type cutter suction dredger and can be made to fit any application. For more information on how ECTMarine cutter heads can improve the ROI of your dredge projects, please contact us.