Prime dredge; Do you want to build a dredge?

Published: 8-4-2015

Do you have the ambition to build a high performance dredging vessel? ECTMarine has developed “yard packages” for its Prime dredge line,  that contain all the engineering, components and services that enable you to build a dredger in the sizes  45 to 65 cm discharge diameter under your own management.

The Prime dredge designs contain high quality components that deliver high performance and long lifetime. The concept is based upon core principles;

  • Modular buildup
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Economical purchase and operation


This means that component preferences of the client can be taken into consideration and incorporated into the dredge. Maintenance and use are made easy by keeping  the systems that control the main dredging process simply.

The Prime dredging vessels can also be delivered ready to use. For more information on the Prime dredging vessels, see the information leaflets hereunder;


Click here———>Information Leaflet ‘Prime dredge 45’

Click here———>Information Leaflet ‘Prime dredge 50′

Click here———>Information Leaflet ‘Prime dredge 65′


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