Published: 12-1-2015

ECTMarine is proud to present the “Core dredge line”

The 2015 Core dredge line is based on years of experience in engineering, construction and operation of this size and type dredging equipment. It’s developed for the operator that demands high performance and easy maintenance & service. ECTMarine has a flexible approach to the configuration and the design of the dredging vessel.

The design comes in the sizes 300, 350 and 400 mm discharge pipeline. Information leaflets of each type core dredge can be found here:

Click here —–>Information Leaflet ‘Core dredge 30’

Click here—–>Information Leaflet ‘Core dredge 35’

Click here—–>Information Leaflet ‘Core dredge 40’

The design allows for easy and quick expansion of the ‘basic’ dredge configuration to a ‘full option’ configuration as well as flexibility in choice of dredge components such as engines, gearbox and dredge pump. ‘Full option’ configuration can include but is not limited to; increased dredging depth, production measurement and choice in size operator cabin. Each design is available and can be converted into a cutter dredger, wheel dredger and plain suction dredger.

Investing in an ECTMarine Core dredging vessel will increase your return on investment and decrease the payback time on your dredging project. For references and more information, please contact us.

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