Dreging on the open sea

A trailer suction hopper dredger (TSHD) is a type of dredging vessel that is commonly used for maintaining and deepening waterways, ports, and other water bodies. The TSHD is equipped with a large suction pipe, which is lowered to the seabed or riverbed to suck up sediment and debris. The material is then transported through the suction pipe and stored in the vessel's hopper, a large storage space located in the vessel's hull. The hopper can be filled with large amounts of sediment and debris, depending on the vessel's size, and can be emptied by opening the vessel's bottom doors. TSHDs are typically equipped with powerful engines and propellers to allow them to navigate through shallow waters and to transport their loads to disposal sites. The dredging process is highly automated, and modern TSHDs can be controlled remotely using advanced computer systems. TSHDs play an important role in maintaining navigation channels and harbors, which are critical for global trade and commerce. They are also used for coastal protection, land reclamation, and environmental dredging to remove contaminated sediment.

– Coastal restoration

– Capital Dredging

– Land reclamation

What can we supply

TSHD is generally not an of the shelve vessel, as the details of the application matter greatly for the design and consequently the effectiveness

Engineering & consult

In situations such as tendering, ECTMarine can supply expert advice on subjects as technical compliance and cost reduction for “best price”

System and Components

to make sure the dredge system functions as promised the critical dredge components need to be right. We can deliver these

Complete vessel

When looking for a turn-key solution, please contact us so we can assit you to get the best ROI on your project.

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We can customze where standardization is the norm. Due to our focus and way of engineering, we can offer economical customized solutions to your dredging challenges.

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ECTMarine can fabricate dredgers and dredging parts in-house to ensure quality and on time delivery. Fabrication can also be done by the client according ECTMarine design

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Innovating and development of dredgers and other marine related vessels is our main added value to your business.