Using nature to dredge

Water injection dredging is a technique used to remove sediment from waterways, ports, and harbors. It involves the use of high-pressure water jets to dislodge sediment from the bottom of a waterway, which is then transported and deposited elsewhere. The water jets are typically powered by pumps and are directed towards the sediment using a flexible hose or nozzle. As the water jets hit the sediment, they break it up and create a suspension of sediment and water, which is then transported away from the site using the natural flow of the waterway. The sediment can be deposited at an appropriate location, such as a designated dredge spoil area, or used for land reclamation or beach nourishment. Water injection dredging is a relatively low-impact method of dredging, as it does not involve the use of heavy equipment that can damage the environment or disrupt marine life. It is also a cost-effective method, as it requires less equipment and manpower compared to traditional dredging methods.

WID's: What we offer

Water Injection Dredgers are available in many different sizes. Depending on the project, the builder and the user we can adept our scope of supply. This ranges from a Design & equipment package to complete turn key vessels. as Water injection dredging is a relative new technic and new to the market, and therefore "niche", we offer customized solution.

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We can customze where standardization is the norm. Due to our focus and way of engineering, we can offer economical customized solutions to your dredging challenges.

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ECTMarine can fabricate dredgers and dredging parts in-house to ensure quality and on time delivery. Fabrication can also be done by the client according ECTMarine design

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Innovating and development of dredgers and other marine related vessels is our main added value to your business.