First completely customized plough leaves ECT Marine’s brand-new workshop

ECT Marine manufactured a customized plough, completely designed to the requirements of the customer, a port authority in the south of France. The plough was designed and built in ECT Marine's new workshop within 8 weeks in May and June.

“Local conditions, such as soil type, were considered in the design of the plough”, Johannes de Vreeze, director of operations at ECT Marine explains. “The plough can be usefully deployed in places where regular equipment cannot dredge due to limited depth or poor accessibility, such as near banks or around jetties. The plough is a well-suited tool for leveling the seabed and moving material such as clay, silt, sand, or gravel to deeper water.”

Custom-made design with special features

The plough is 5 meters wide and equipped for its purposes with special features, such as: angle adjustment with pull wire; 2 rows with the ECT Marine cutting system; 1 row of hardox plate and special adjustments for plowing at different water depths. The ECT Marine cutting system is known for its long service life and excellent cutting properties and is also easy to replace.

Well-suited tool for leveling the seabed

The custom build plough is attached to the rear of any type of workboat or tug with sufficient power, which will tow the tool over the seabed. The assembly can be operated fully from the pilothouse.

Shorter delivery times and better product quality through own workshop

ECT Marine delivers turnkey dredgers, dredging equipment and workboats. In its own workshop in the town of Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands based company produces dredgers, workboats, and dredging equipment - including its own custom-made designs - and performs repair and maintenance work on dredging equipment, hydraulic installations, and electrical systems.

Since the start of operations in the new workshop earlier this year customers benefit from shorter delivery times, less supplier dependency, flexibility, better control of product quality, full customization, and integration of engineering with production.

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