Screening plant for screening

Refurbished separation plant in operation at Lake Valkenburg

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At Lake Valkenburg, ECT Marine built and commissioned a renovated separation plant in late 2023. Such installations play a crucial role in the world of sand extraction. ECT Marine oversaw the entire process of overhauling the plant.

Steel works by ECTMarine

A separation plant is specially designed to separate and sort various types of materials, such as sand, gravel and sludge. The separation plant at Lake Valkensburg was an existing, worn-out plant.

New funnel and special frame

ECT Marine revised the installation, including new chutes for all its existing pipes. It was also fitted with a new funnel and a specially designed frame for the separation panels. Existing components such as the drive, conveyor belts and separation panels were checked and renewed where necessary.

Solid base with funnel

The base is a structure of sturdy beams. On top of it is the funnel: 6 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 2.6 metres high. The behemoth weighs 6,000 kilos. In the new frame, the existing conveyor belts, grids and separation panels were then placed. This makes the installation suitable for a flow rate of 2000 m3/h.

Installation of Dredge Equipment

3D designed in a fully in-house process.

ECT Marine carried out the process from start to finish: from the design of the installation with 3D design software, to construction in its own workshop in Noordwijkerhout, and from assembly of the separation plant on site to final commissioning.

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