A tool for underwater soil excavation

Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD) are specialized vessels used for dredging operations in harbors, rivers, and other bodies of water. They are equipped with a rotating cutter head that is used to break up and loosen the bottom sediment, which is then suctioned up and pumped out of the dredger. CSDs are typically used for deepening navigation channels, constructing new ports or harbors, and maintaining existing waterways.

The cutter head on a CSD is made up of rotating blades that can be adjusted to cut through different types of sediment, such as sand, clay, and rock. The dredged material is pumped through a pipeline to a designated discharge location, such as a disposal site or a reclamation area.

CSDs come in various sizes and capacities, with some capable of dredging up to several thousand cubic meters of sediment per hour. They are commonly used in dredging operations around the world and are an essential part of many construction and maintenance projects related to maritime infrastructure.

Cutter suction dredgers

The performance and reliability of dredging equipment depends largely on the selection and quality of the components of the dredge. ECTMarine dredge components will increase the performance and return on investment of your dredge or dredging project.

Cutter Suction Dredger by ECTMarine

Standard range CSD's

ECTMarine has a standard series of dredgers ranging from 250 to 650 mm discharge: Quick Dredgers, Core Dredgers and Prime Dredgers.

Plain Suction Dredger with underwater pump for deep dredging

Customized CSD's

ECTMarine dredging vessels can be customized to fit the application fully. Customization not only can be done in the dredger itself but also in the way of building.

CSD Design & Equipment

For building projects abroad we offer Design & Equipment packages. with a partner as ECTMarine you will be able to build your dredger anywhere.

Cutter suction dredger operators

Cutter suction dredgers are typically purchased by organizations and companies involved in dredging operations, such as:

  1. Government agencies: National and local governments may purchase cutter suction dredgers to maintain navigable waterways, ports, and harbors, and to undertake land reclamation projects.

  2. Private companies: Private companies involved in construction, mining, and offshore oil and gas production may also purchase cutter suction dredgers to undertake dredging projects related to their operations.

  3. Dredging contractors: Dredging contractors are specialized companies that provide dredging services to various clients, including governments, private companies, and other organizations. They may purchase cutter suction dredgers to expand their fleet and offer a wider range of dredging services.

  4. International organizations: International organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, may also purchase cutter suction dredgers to support infrastructure development projects in developing countries.

Overall, any organization or company that requires the removal of sediment or debris from bodies of water may consider purchasing a cutter suction dredger.

Added value
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We can customize where standardization is the norm. Due to our focus and way of engineering, we can offer economical customized solutions to your dredging challenges.

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ECTMarine can fabricate dredgers and dredging parts in-house to ensure quality and on time delivery. Fabrication can also be done by the client according to ECTMarine design.

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Dredging is our core business. Innovation and development of dredgers and other marine related vessels, is our main added value to your business.