Gold accumulates anywhere that gravity allows it to settle; below waterfall, behind rocks and boulders, or anywhere that the water velocity slows down. Gold deposits that have accumulated in the gravels of a riverbed are generally the richest areas to look for gold. The running water in a river can cause deposits of gold to form: in the riverbeds or the banks of the river. One of the best ways to process large amounts of gold bearing material is by using a suction dredge.


ECTMarine Gold Dredger is specifically designed and build for Gold dredge applications and includes a screening plant that is directly attached to the back of the dredger. The screening plant is fitted with a filter of 1” to avoid dumping of larger materials in the sluice box. The larger materials are discharged directly overboard. The size of the filter can be adjusted to customer requirements. The gold dredger is transportable by one single 40ft standard container therefore ideal for remote areas.


Mountain lake landscape - liquid residues from a gold mine

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Cutter Suction Dredger by ECTMarine

Plain suction gold Dredger

Our standard designs are characterised by the Quick, Core and Prime line. Ranging from 250 to 650 mm discharge.

wheel dredger

Flexibility is one of our core values. All our dredges can delivered Turnkey or in the form of a Design and Equipment Package.