Prime Dredge 65

The Core Dredge 65 is a dredger is one of the largest versions of the core dredge series. This 26 inch dredger is therefore suitable to dredging in large rivers, sheltered area’s on the coastline and can perform activities such as sand mining, river training, harbour deepening, dredging of irrigation channels and much more.

Information Leaflet Prime Dredge 65

Production:                                     7000 m3/hour

Total Installed power:                  2961 kW

Dredge installation

Dredge pump drive                        Caterpillar or Cummins

Power (approx)                                1860 kW @1800 rpm

Dredge pump                                   GIW LSA

Cutter                                                 ECTMarine 5 blades

Tooth system                                    replaceable with various tooth types

Cutter power                                     600 kW

Cutter speed                                      variable 0..30 rpm

Auxiliary drive

(Driving electric generator, winches, cutter, spuds)

Auxiliary engine                               Caterpillar or Cummins
Power (approx)                                 1020kW@1800 rpm


Voltage                                                 24V DC and 230V/400V AC

Electric generator                              57 KVA

Tank capacities

Fuel oil                                                 58 m3


High efficiency dredge pump

Transportable by road

Heavy duty design

Low maintenance

Modular design

High quality components

Efficient fuel consumption

Luxurious operator cabin

Main Dimensions

Length overall, ladder up                    59 m

Length over pontoons                          46 m

Breadth                                                    10 m

Dredging depth                                      18 m

Suction pipe diameter                           700 mm

Discharge pipe diameter                       650 mm


Ladder winch

Line pull first layer                                240 kN

Speed                                                        0..20 m/min

Swing winches (2x)

Wire pull first layer                                240 kN

Speed                                                        0..20 m/min

Anchors (each)                                        2000 kg

Optional equipment

Production measurement


Dredge monitoring tracking system

Electric / LNG

Increased dredging depth (submerged dredge pump)

Air conditioning

Plain suction front part

Spare parts package

Diesel generator set

Spud carrier system

Single engine set up

Anchorboom installation

Deck crane